Your Northern Nevada Real Estate Specialists:

Residential, Investment, Commercial

Atlas Red Realty has been having fun serving the Northern Nevada Community since 2006. We are a local brokerage specializing in working with Investors in both Residential and Commercial properties looking to buy, sell or exchange to build wealth. And, what good is wealth if we can’t have fun making it?

In some cases, we even help first time home buyers get on the path to homeownership and prosperity. After all, everyone has to start somewhere. How better than to be guided by someone that not only walks you thru your first home, but can turn you on to a deal?

We pride ourselves on our long term relationships with our clients, working with them over the years to find or sell the perfect income property, home, apartments, lots and more. We are innovative, creative and dedicated to meeting the needs of our clientele.

Although we keep a tidy basic website, our focus and knowledge of Real Estate is deep and diverse. Besides, are you looking for a pretty website or Real Property solutions? Calling today is the day that will change your life.