Un-usual Real Estate. You’ll see…

First of all, we’re a team. So, getting one of us is like getting all of us. So, just pick the one you like most.

At the very least, pick the one you’d want to be stuck in a car with for the driveby’s…

At Atlas Red Realty we have fun! We love what we do and we’d do it for free, but, they keep paying us for it.

The one thing we take very serious, is your investments. On that thing, we flip on a dime, from laughter and fun to straight talk and hard core principals with real world knowledge. We were trained by the very best and continue to learn even today. We’re lifelong students of wealth and life and we give back everything we’ve learned.  We’re glad you found us. Let’s get started.


Allan Zane

Chief Mucky Muck and our fearless leader. If you ask him, he’ll tell you he thinks the rest of them tricked him into being the Broker. He accidentally bought his first rental home when he was 19. He’s so old, even Jesus Christ had him sell his real estate. That’s no joke. Ask him about it. This guy seems to be immortal. The myth is he’s got a great big heart to go along with that brilliant smile. It’s been proven by a physician. Allan is tenacious and creative. He makes sure you fully understand what you’re buying and how it will perform as your home for memories or income property like apartments, commercial property, even simple homes as investments that will meet your goals for profit and prosperity. Although he runs the brokerage, he also takes the time to help new and long time clients. We like this guy…

Allan Zane – Our Broker & Real Estate Investment Counselor

775.772.8638 – ISellNevada@Gmail.com


John Spinola

The investors investor. We call him the Godfather. We’d be homeless without him. But, as long as we pay the rent, he stays pretty happy… That’s right, he likes being here so much, he bought the building. You can always count on John to give solid advice and ask the tough questions to bring out what is already inside your own mind. He’ll tell you, “You know more than you think you know.” The mark of a great teacher. John’s been investing and counseling investors even longer than Allan. I remember when he did a deal on the back of a business card! He does what he says. Always true to his word, his investments, and his life have enabled him to do this for fun! Aspire to be this guy!

John Spinola – Our Mentor & Real Estate Investment Counselor

775.815.3000 – JohnSpin@NVBell.net


We’re growing!

It’s my pleasure to introduce Kat Wilson to our Atlas Red Realty Team!

You know that person you just want to be around? Her name is Kat! Not only is she an amazing musician and well-known local and national singer, but a top producing Real Estate Professional since 1997, a Life Counselor, Mother, social media master, and brilliant marketing expert. Anyone that chooses her for their agent has just gotten the best end of any deal! Always sophisticated, yet totally down to earth. If there’s ever an apocalypse, she’d say, “Follow me. I know where to go!” Heck, she probably even knows where to find it already. Above all that, she’s been our good friend for as long as I’ve been in the business. We’re so proud to have her join us as one of our agents. Please warmly welcome Kat Wilson to the Atlas Red Realty team as one of our newest, most experienced Real Estate Investment Counselor.

Kathy “Kat” Wilson – Real Estate Investment Counselor

775.240.1796 – KatmoWilso@Yahoo.com


We’re growing again!

It’s my pleasure to introduce Jay Kvam to our Atlas Red Realty Team!

Ever see a shooting star? We had to do some sweet talking to get this guy on our team! If you get a chance to meet him, you’ll know why the moment you see his bright smile and warm handshake. Always the consummate professional, astute, smart and he thinks of every detail. Super skilled! He’s like an evil genius without the evil. We’re pretty sure he’ll be running the show before we’re through.

Jay Kvam – Real Estate Investment Counselor

775.434.8230 – Kvam.Jay@Gmail.com


It just doesn’t stop!

We even have a brilliant property manager! It’s my pleasure to introduce Robert Hughes to our Atlas Red Realty Team!

Robert bought the local franchise for Property Management Inc. He runs a sophisticated program to help you find, acquire, and run your Rental Business, (cuz, that’s what it is!)  at maximum potential and minimal pain! He’s the key to the Moneymaker! You should be calling Now!!!

Robert Hughes – Property Manager & Real Estate Investment Counselor

775.393-9603 – rhughes@propertymanagementinc.com


We’re gonna need a bigger office!! Seriously…

Robert is doing so well, we needed another brilliant property manager! It’s my pleasure to introduce Lisa Piling to our Atlas Red Realty Team!

You’re thinking she’s brand new, right?! No way! Try 20 years, and we finally found her. We put ourselves in the hospital trying to get her to come aboard. Really! She’s that good! Adept, bright, diligent, and a real smarty pants. She’ll help you grow your rental business and sleep well at night while she’s at the helm. Looking to acquire? She’ll help you be a Buyer. And I’m no liar.

Lisa Piling – Property Manager & Real Estate Investment Counselor

775.393-9468 – lisap@pmireno.com